Shop Crane

Ordering - Selecting A Crane

Choosing a Shop Crane configuration is as simple as measuring your garage and choosing the appropriate height and span to compliment your work space. Here’s a quick guide to choosing the best configuration for you:

Step 1

Measure your ceiling height. Shop Crane is available in heights of 8’, 10’ and 12’, with 1’ column extensions available for in-between sizes. When choosing a Shop Crane height, remember that the overall height is 2-inches lower than the displayed height. This means a 12’ system will fit perfectly in a garage with 12’ ceiling and allows 2-inches for bridge clearance.

After you’ve measured your ceiling height, be conscious of any other obstacles that might interfere with the crane. This includes overhead doors, pipes or other obstructions.

Also, note that you should only buy a system as tall as you need. The shorter a Shop Crane system is, the easier it will be to move and position a load.

Step 2

Determine your span. Shop Crane systems were designed with standard garage door clearances in mind, and are available in 8’, 10’ and 12’ spans. The span is measured from the inside of a support column to the inside of the support column for the opposite runway. For overall width dimensions, contact Shop Crane customer service at 1-855-99-CRANE.

Step 3

Measure your available length. The standard length of a Shop Crane system is 190”, or 15’ 10”, from the outside edges of the column base plates along the runway. This length was designed to fit the standard depth of a single car garage bay.