Shop Crane

Product Information - Pricing

Shop Crane is a non-industrial overhead bridge crane system that uses two parallel steel tracks, or runways, to guide a steel bridge over your work space. The bridge features a non-binding trolley that glides along the inside of the enclosed track to give you complete coverage within the frame of the system.

By spreading the weight of the load over the bridge and runways of the crane, moving and positioning a full 1000 or 2000 pound load becomes a safe and easy one-person job.

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Shop Crane is available in a variety of configurations to best fit your garage. The price range for a basic Shop Crane 1000 pound system is $2799 to $2999 and for a 2000 pound system is $4599 to $4799. Prices vary depending on your exact configuration and accessories.

For a fast quote on a Shop Crane system, call our toll-free customer service line at
1-855-99-CRANE (27263), or email